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Palazzo Radomiri in Style

„Ten minutes from Perast, we pull into the elegantly restored Palazzo Radomiri, lodgings for our long weekend in Kotor Bay.
With only the outer walls intact after the 1979 earthquake, this remarkable, 18th-century stone sentinel has been painstakingly resurrected from the rubble, fashioned into a luxuriously low-key sanctuary.
The complex rises from the sea up a steep hill- side. Buildings are richly decorated with local antiques, and each room is uniquely designed. The décor of our refuge, room Il Vigoro, is nauti- cal, perfectly reminiscent of a ship captain’s quarters.
Just beyond the Radomiri’s latticed gates, the private jetties of Dobrota’s romantic restaurants are lined with tables. You’ll enjoy fresh locally caught seafood and breathtaking bay views. We walk lazily along the seaside promenade, and totally covet the lovely, quake-wounded palazzos being snapped up by savvy investors.“

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