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Palazzo Radomiri

The Boka Kotorska is an amazing region, full of character and interesting history. It has a long naval tradition - ever since the Middle Ages, the Bo- kelji had a very strong fleet, which counted as many as 300 ships in the 18th century. So it is not surprising that apart from religious architecture, elegant palaces for the nobility are a prominent feature of this area. Equally, the entire structure of Palazzo Radomiri was originally a residential complex for a wealthy and well respected family line of captains in Bocche di Cattaro. It's location was illustrated on a map by the most famous Venetian geographer and cartographer Coronelli Vincenzo Maria in 1688.

The main building of this palazzo complex was built in the beginning of the 1700s by a captain Marko Tomov Radimir, during the time when Kotor and its surroundings was part of Venice Republic (1420-1797). The influence of Italian architecture here is evident. Especially prominent feature is the balcony on the main fa├žade and is one of the most beautiful in Boka. Three atlantes supporting the balcony were created by the same artist (unknown) who crafted altar on the Gospa od Skrpjela Island (Madonna dello Scarpello) opposite Perast. Today, this place is included in a statuary list of buildings of special architectural or historic interest and is graded as a monument of third category.