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Palazzo Radomiri

Palazzo Radomiri is ideally located on the seafront, within walking distance to the medieval city of Kotor and a short drive to Boka's most beautiful attractions, a variety of restaurants and nightlife.

Amazing unpolluted sea air, beautiful scenery and long sea front is perfect for walking, running, rollerblading and cycling. Since the bay is surrounded by mountains- hiking is very popular, especially on the Kotor Fortress.

Apart from obvious types of seaside activities such as sunbathing or swimming, there are many other things you can do around the bay. We can organise excursions, cycling, diving, kayaking, sailing, or other. Dobrota's 8 km coast line is ideal for running in the morning, cycling around the bay or just power walking. In the hotel itself, we have daily or weekly scheduled activities, such as morning yoga on our beautiful terrace overlooking the sea, introductory tai chi classes, aquarobics and similar. All of our classes are done by certified fitness instructors and massages by highly experienced physiotherapists or chiropractics, depending on the availability.

Advance booking of some activities is advisable, especially during busy months and for larger groups.


The freshest, most organic produce of the area doesn't cease to amaze visitors. Apart from traditional fish and seafood, the coast is also well known for its olives, figs, various types of Montenegrin cheeses, succulent fruits, wild honey, etc. In Palazzo Radomiri, you can try all of these along with Prosciutto from Njegusi and a wide selection of regional and local wines. Fruit grappa is also the thing to flavour once in Montenegro.

Every morning we prepare a different type of homemade cake for the breakfast- our traditional cheese or spinach pie is becoming almost as famous as the hotel itself. During the summer our kitchen offers daily menu of wholesome home-cooked Montenegrin meals based on local and seasonal ingredients. Our menus are simple, but different every day, so you can get to taste a range of the best authentic dishes, a clever mix between Balkan and Mediterranean cuisine. Our chef sources only the best ingredients personally.

Our guests can also discuss a meal to be created especially for them. Should you have guests joining you for dinner or heard about something you would like to try, kindly book with us at Reception and our Chef will gladly have a chat about the menu options with you.

We try our best to make our guests feel that it’s a home away from home.


Apart from antiquity and natural beauty, tourists are drawn to this area by various annual events and traditional festivals. Amongst the most well known ones- there is Fašinada Event that takes place every 22nd of July since 1452. According to the legend, a small island in front of ancient town of Perast was made gradually over the centuries by the seamen. After returning from successful voyages, they laid stones into the water on the spot where icon of Madonna and Child was found- in the sea on the rock; hence the name of the Island- Our Lady of the Rocks. Since then male residents of Perast take their boats around the islet (Gospa od Škrpjela), throwing rocks into the sea, supporting and widening the surface of this artificial island.

Another colourful event, inherited from Renaissance Venice, is a traditional three centuries old Summer Carnival of Kotor (Maškare), which takes place first week of August. On that day, many carnival groups from all over the Europe gather in ancient city of Kotor dressed in most imaginative costumes and masks. The whole city becomes an event and is lavishly garlanded. In the background, behind the town, the old walls of fortress' ruins are lit with fire torches making the zigzag path through the hills. Later in august, there is a sea festival- The Night of Boka (Bokeljška Noć), like a beauty pageant but of the boats. Countless decorated boats are parading in front of the Kotor old town through the bay. Each boat is different and has its own theme. At the end of the night, a jury chooses the most elaborate or interesting boat as a winner. All these events are finished with fireworks, music and dancing on the streets of Kotor until late at night.


There are many places of great interest around to see, such as monasteries, old towns and villages. To highlight just a few, it is very interesting to visit the former royal capital of Montenegro and the seat of the throne- Cetinje. Today it is a town-museum with the best-preserved collections of the arms and other medieval values in Balkans. Also a site of UNESCO's world heritage, the deepest and longest in Europe the 1.3km deep River Tara canyon is famous for white water rafting. Skadarsko Jezero (Skadar Lake), the largest lake on Balkan Peninsula, is the last habitat of the pelicans in Europe, and apart from bird watching can provide visitors with some of the most beautiful sights, tours of caves, ancient monuments, etc.